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cyclic training community + winter's late coming

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Last week a small group of Methow endurance animals welcomed MN at the cyclic training event. We munched on homemade cookies, sipped tea, and let the golden hour light our learnings about the intersection of planned rest, strategic training stimuli, radical self care, and joy. We then drafted preliminary training schedules and will reconvene in about a month to adjust and expand our plans. Thank you for a great first event in the Valley!

And winter finally happened at the Pass... the first week of May. I suited up for a spring ski in my Houdini, rock guide pants, and baseball hat only to find thick, dry flakes collecting on my brim and watch face as I skiied up in the flurry.

May snowstorm, credit R. Thomas
As we topped out at Blue Col the flat light lifted and revealed a perfect bluebird descent in light powder and the genesis of sastrugi. Carving turns down from 7400' I felt grateful for my ability to experience winter when it chose to come--on a gloomy Tuesday in May.

Other than the snow storm's final round of winter, the rest of life in the Valley is in full spring gyration: I've begun work on my sport project, mountaineering clients are lining up for preparatory gait work, friends swing through most weeks to bivvy in my driveway and rattle their gear on the way to the Pass, and I've started extracting my first wildcrafted medicine from the land surrounding my tiny house. This is a sassy season of life, I am glad for everything new.

barnaby constellation on Beltane, Rendezvous

cyclic training basics workshop

Hello Methow Valley!

Dr. Sierra Breitbeil at Methow Valley Wellness Center has graciously offered her space for Magnetic North's first event in the valley. Maybe you're training for the Sunflower, your first triathlon, or just the summer's alpine climbing and you need a little strategy for your practice. This is a great introduction to strategic training for anyone who has experienced overuse injury, illness related to overtraining, and those who plain don't know where to begin working toward an athletic goal. I'll teach participants how to use each part of their hormonal cycles to maximum benefit (if applicable). We'll learn together how to harness the natural energetic and sport-specific fluctuations of the season change from spring to summer. There is a lot of opportunity to channel, folks!

During this community event we'll spend the first half learning about cyclic training theory for the endurance athlete and spend the last half developing individual training plans for the upcoming season. You'll leave with a solid plan in-hand! Light refreshments and tea will be served.

To hold your space drop me a line at

Sunrays to you all.


sunset over the Sawtooths, Mar 2015
MN moved to greener pastures: The Methow Valley! Stay tuned for new training events, fresh musings, seminars, collaborations, and guided runs offered in this space soon. In my topical posts, I'll begin to delve into some more complicated and motivating topics: gender in the mountains, how to endure, and why women are the ultimate endurance athletes.

During my first couple weeks out East, I scouted a lot of ski terrain by truck and behind a snowmobile, took some low-country runs, and began orienting myself to the drainages here. Though the high country access roads are still snowmobile country...

My first tow in to Washington Pass was exhilarating--and a great quad burner!

behind the machine, Mar 2015
Snowpack is still more than 100% of normal out here and witnessing summer alpine climbs in their winter clothes is unique. Corn cycles abound out here.

approaching Silver Star, Mar 2015
Just yesterday I was drawn up a spur stream off Twisp River during a recovery walk. Each rock butte warming itself in the sun, each snow-free bench in the Forest Service ribbon drew me on until I'd walked much farther than I'd intended. 

rest day amble, Sawtooths
If you're in the Valley, stop on by for a nutritious meal whipped up in my retro kitchen, a run in the sagelands, a ski up the Loup, or some delicious Blue Star! I'm stoked to take root in this new mountain community--glad to bring you along.


on enjoying the darker days

This morning MN and three compatriots kicked off the autumn run series. We enjoyed a swoop through the rotting understory in the still morning mist. Along the way, I provided coaching on posture and strategies for running safely in the wet dark. What a joyful bound among friends.

If you'd like to join the crew, please email or register to save your spot!

I look forward to showing you the forest's best time.


autumn upon us: a mountain running series

capture from a Jacob Hase film

as I clocked a few heavy miles up a remote portion of the Methow River, dried barnaby ripped at my thighs and the scree-pocked path emitted puffs of dung, dust, and ground metals from beneath my quick feet. with the body fully leafed out for the autumn, there is only one way to evolve: within. turbulence returns to the winds and stormclouds ruffle summer's hot breath; autumn announces its arrival.

Want to run in the mountains but don't know where to start? 

Join a bevy of runners keen on transitioning from city to mountain. Together, we'll discuss strategies for running in the hills, in the dark, in the elements as we move in the forest.

This is a great way to transition from city to mountain for a beginner or to build more volume into your week as an intermediate practitioner.

You may reserve your spot here.


where once we learned of spring's advance
now the hints of autumn dance

reflections on Forest's Lungs retreat


Way back in May MN hosted two retreatants in the whistling ponderosa forests of the Central Cascades for sitting, breathing, and silent time together entitled Forest's Lungs. We cultivated a sustainable personal mindfulness practice with guided short sits. We deepened our spirit body connection with fascial release sessions. We attained a state of yogic sleep and deep nervous system calming with extended bouts with yoga nidra. We rooted and rose with the roots and limbs of the trees. Singing wind and deer bounding marked our aesthetic and peaceful weekend in the hills. 

What surprised me most about the weekend was, for a group of runners and mountain athletes, we spent nearly no time talking about our bodily practices yet there was a silent agreement amongst all present that these foundational skills will provide a solid foundation of personal awareness (and the sense of oneness with our broader earth bodies) essential for outdoor practices.

Masuro Emoto says, "One should cultivate twice the gratitude as he does love," My gratitude, again, pours over for my brave clients who are willing to give their precious time to cultivating mountain skills with me. I am so very grateful.


morning run series continues

The morning run series continues in June! This month expect abundant edible foliage and a way to beat the heat of the evening. We'll switch up the run course with a few hillier loops and a special cool side of the mountain.

This is a great way to transition from city to mountain for a beginner or to build more volume into your week as an intermediate practitioner.

You may reserve your spot here.


amuse-bouche for the soul

APB: all yogis and yoginis inclined in the North Bend direction.

Come do yoga on my deck! 

We'll stretch our souls and bodies with Sarah Enera, yoga instructor and bodyworker extraordinaire. The forest will breathe new life into our limbs as we root and rise. 

Bring your mat, yo Self, and a contribution to the group (a nice tea to share, a favorite mantra, or a dispatch from the hills). Make an evening of it by allowing me to point you in the direction of some wicked star gazing after our session.

In spirit.

the forest's lungs: sitting breathing mindfulness

Between delicious eats, ponderosa kissing, and ample sitting, we will exit our retreat feeling like buttah. Lois Parhaniemi, the woman who brought me to yoga fourteen years ago, will host at her beautiful mountain home outside of Roslyn--only ninety minutes from Seattle proper. 

Bring your yoga mat, your running shoes, and your busy mind; we'll work it all out. Hold your space here.

Passionately yours,

new workshop: your cycle and cyclic training

I am excited to invite you to a truly unique course. During this shared learning time, we'll work through concepts of periodization, cyclic training, hormonal cycles, and your athletic performance. Participants will leave with solid grounding in this new training theory as well as a concrete cycled training plan they've co-created with me.

Jean at Village Green Yoga has so kindly offered her beautiful studio space for this workshop. Come ready to stretch your legs and minds. A non-running option is available for those currently working with injury or inclined to other means of movement.

You may hold your spot here.