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Kettle Crest Trail guided run

Guided Kettle Crest Trail Run

part of the route we'll run, Summer 2017

part of the route we'll run, Summer 2017

A continuous, lonely fin of ancient granite bisects the remote Columbia Highlands between Colville and Republic serving as a bridge between BC and Washington for lynx, moose, wolves, and bear - and there is a challenging trail that runs along the crest of this mythic ridge. After completing the only known time on the full, forty-six mile route earlier this month I've selected the choicest fourteen of the Kettle Crest Trail for your enjoyment.

Expect a fully-catered, fully-supported mountain ramble with me on paradisiac alpine and sub-alpine single track. We'll skirt the five summits of the southern Kettle Crest Trail in vibrant post-fire regrowth. You'll see more bears than people and you won't have to worry about logistics. If you've run mountain trails for two or more seasons and are capable of running a half marathon distance joyfully, you're ready for this run.

I'll operate a handful of these runs throughout summer 2018. Preregister below to hold your spot - I can only capacitate three runners per trip.


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