Hey Laurel!

Let's continue with a week of endurance, some joint-stabilizing conditioning, and climbing outside.

Hope you were able to get in with Alex Sollek at Nectar Massage this week.

Do you have a PT you'd like to see in conjunction with massage and strength trainer? It will be critical to get your knee up to par with the rest of your body's performance and think these three would pair nicely.

Let's continue closely monitoring your signs and symptoms of overtraining

Also, try out Zuzka Light's site. She is a great guide for learning basic circuit and kettlebell workouts. There are many free bodyweight workouts featured on her site. These can be adapted for additional training on your climbing trips when things just aren't challenging enough.


Week two:

Tuesday - Excalibur

Wednesday - bike to Vertical World, 7pm conditioning class with Josh at Vertical World, recovery bike home

Thursday - longer steep hike (Mailbox, Washington, Granite, or 2x Cable Line on Tiger Mountain)

Friday - intentional recovery day  (good day to schedule a massage and try out the free program on the Headspace ap)

Saturday - climb Trout or Smith (if not fatigued or challenged add a hangboard or rock ring workout at the end of the day)

Sunday - climb Trout or Smith (if not fatigued or challenged add a circuit workout at the end of the day)

Monday - twelve pitches at or below onsight grade letting fatigue be your guide. Once you're pumped or demotivated, stop. 5pm conditioning class with Josh at Vertical World. bike to and from the gym.