Magnetic North - equipping alpine seekers
equipping alpine seekers
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a fun list
I am a socially-adept introvert. 
I am tenacious to a near-geologic magnitude.
my motivation to engage in these mountain practices never falters. 
I loathe writing about myself but I relish telling my mountain stories. 
I am calm even as a literal or metaphoric storm dances around me.
I’ve learned to love the dark and the quiet of my own company. 
I am a disruptive agent for change. 
every time I return from the mountains I am surely a better person.
my desire for alpine experience is driving and never sated. I’ve been told I have hungry eyes.
the duality of my movement in nature is gentle, attuned, and pure as well as aggressive, hungry, and audacious. 
I have near-superpower abilities of navigation and I often dream with a sense of altitude and cardinal direction. hence the name of this business, Magnetic North.

should also include
Wilderness First Responder
AIARE Avalanche II
Search and Rescue background
Notable climbs/runs? Naaaw