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equipping alpine seekers
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kind words from clients

"After overcoming postpartum anxiety and returning to climbing for the first time since before my first pregnancy, I connected with Magnetic North for the Pregnant Athlete e-course during the first trimester of my second pregnancy. Through Brittany’s evidence-based wisdom, I felt confident in my expanding body’s abilities and even super-abilities as an athlete. With her continued coaching support, I kept climbing, hiking as well as cultivating self care practices to support me throughout the duration of my gestation period and beyond. In addition, she has taken my alpine goals and broken them down into small attainable actions steps that address both my physical and mental states. This whole pregnancy and postpartum experience thus far has really been so magical. I cannot yet adequately express how grateful I am for Brittany’s guidance and support throughout this process as I am still just digesting all the beauty and moments of empowerment that have manifested through our work together."

Paige, climber + mama of two

"Brittany has the wonderful ability to coach, mentor, and motivate in ways that are positive and light-hearted but also deeply thoughtful. Throughout my marathon training Brittany was an incredible resource who went out of her way to ensure that I remained mentally positive and physically intact. She provided expert knowledge about technique, strategy, and diet. And she made my experience of completing a marathon all the more special. I highly recommend working with her."

Adam, runner


"I wish everyone who is pregnant took this course!"

A.C., participant in "Pregnant Athlete E-course"


"I've always been active; pursuing adventure in the mountains has been an integral component of both my personal and professional life. And yet, I never would have assigned myself the title of 'athlete'. Working with Brittany helped me re-frame how I viewed my mountain romps inviting me to take my endeavors and training more seriously. I may not be running epic ultras or coordinating Himalayan expeditions (yet) but I have made subtle yet profound changes in my life. I'm setting goals that I once may have thought were beyond my scope, I'm more consistent with and dedicated to daily rituals that support my athletic performance, and I've shifted how I view the mind-body connection altogether. This has permeated into all areas of my life, from my role as a mother and wife to how I direct my business. Girlfriend knows her shit."

Justine, climber + co-founder of Adventure Mamas Initiative

"I have a lot of experience ski touring and ski mountaineering, and I wanted to branch out into alpine climbing to expand my technical abilities. Through Brittany’s guidance I was able to set up a training schedule to get my body and climbing muscles in proper shape without damaging tendons or other underused parts of my upper body. She also helped me work out healthier meal habits for better, quicker recovery. I spent the spring improving my climbing strength and experience, and by the end of the summer was able to follow my first fifteen-plus-pitch sport route, and lead my first multi-pitch alpine route!"

Joe, backcountry skiier + alpine climber

"I've been running for years, often stopping for long periods due to recurrent injury. Hoping for some help, I reached out for coaching from Magnetic North. Working with MN has been a truly cathartic and life changing experience for me. I've had the absolute pleasure of working with Brittany on gait analysis, putting into practice her suggestions about form and motion in two different early morning trail running series, and deepening my understanding of practice, self-care, and nutrition through a weekend seminar complete with stream to hot bath contrast therapy.  

Brittany's depth of knowledge, experience and generosity put me at ease from the start. Together we've developed consistency and adventure in my runs and continue to work on form and health in the body and mind throughout training. Her gentle reminders and observations allow me to alter my gait successfully and grow my confidence as a mountain trail runner, knowing that I'm building a solid healthy foundation from which to base my running career throughout life."

Alex, mountain runner + bodyworker