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Beware the one-size-fits-all training plan

Why don’t I sell one-size-fits-all training plans?

Bottom line: they're irresponsible.

Many endurance or running coaches out there make a pretty penny on the passive income source they call 'training plans'. Though passive income sources are enticing, my top priority is to support my clients and community on their path to a more sustainable, nourishing endurance practice.

When I do create training plans, they are tailor-made to an individual client and not derived from some algorithm. I don’t simply hand the plan over to the athlete to implement, we check in multiple times per month to be sure you’re on track and to adjust as circumstances dictate. Sure, this is far more time-consuming and expensive but who wants to half-ass an investment in their health and performance?

A few reasons to shun pre-made, mass-marketed training plans:

  • It is much easier to over train than to under train an ultra-endurance athlete - and overtraining is costly. Without knowing your specific fitness level (to a scientific degree of specificity) your online 'coach' runs the risk of colluding in your overtraining. Train smart, not rigid, by hiring a coach rather than buying a plan.

  • All athletes begin training for each event at a different starting place. Consider these two athletes training for their first 50k: Jill is an experienced alpine climber having had many successful climbs lasting longer than twenty-four hours. She doesn't particularly enjoy running, but believes running an ultra will be great cross-training for alpine climbing season. On the other hand, Mark is a regular 5k runner. Though he's never moved longer than ninety at a time he's confident his good form and recovery practices will carry him through training. These two athletes need, and deserve, coaching tailored to the factors they will struggle with throughout their training.

  • Ultra-endurance training often requires course-correction. As the athlete settles in to her training plan, whether for a climb, run, or ski event, she is bound to notice places where she could push harder and places where more active recovery will suit her. This is why, at Magnetic North, we check in at regular intervals throughout our relationship. During check ins we can up your strength training, dial back your mileage, and shuffle the schedule around to accomodate a vacation or illness.

I offer single-hour consults on the topic of your choice, gait analysis on trail, and multi-month coaching packages.

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