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Colvilles, 2017

Colvilles, 2017

my primary interest in (ultra) endurance is its psychedelic properties. in the altered state of consciousness that comes at three, twelve, thirty, or forty hours in constant motion, the boundaries between Self and Other appear as they actually are: illusory. in this state I forget that I don’t have wings and remember how to fly. here, no thought is secret. I can see the beingness in each stone, lake, gust of wind, Moose, or man. in the last five years of my endurance practice, solo unsupported ultra running has emerged for me as the most accessible path to these altered states - thus leaving lesser loves of rock, ice, altitude, and glacier in the role of subservient practices.

I’ve done psychedelic drugs in the past and find their effects, while stimulating to the gnostic being, lacked the depth of their ultra endurance counterparts. rather than wake up the day after a trip feeling the let down of re-entering normally-perceived reality, the day after a long run or climb or after childbirth provides me with the afterglow of conscious motion with, for, and into that which I believe to be truth of my existence, clarifying a path of love i may walk if i choose in my normal life.

this deepening of perceptive reality is the reason I spend all my time preparing to reach farther and farther into its depths. I must know myself as something ingrained in the very granite on which I travel, something also not separate from you.