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My favorite apps


Headspace: I began using this app when it first came out and have enjoyed watching the content available evolve into the robust array of meditations and articles on mindfulness. I found the content and rhythm of this app helpful for me, a meditator with seventeen years of formal mindfulness training, and my clients have found it appropriate when learning to meditate for the first time. The app includes meditations for all of the common mental health challenges my clients face from anxiety to insomnia to depression. New on the app is a series of meditations specifically designed for athletes. They offer a free ten-day trial period and I suggest you try this out.

Expectful: Specific to the childbearing year, the Expectful app is designed to help TTC, expectant, and postpartum mothers develop a meditation habit. I simply enjoy the folks over at Expectful and was even featured on their super useful podcast last year. Think of this app as more than a meditation app but also an excellent place to find support and evidence-based information on how mindfulness can benefit you and your new human. Big ups to Expectful leadership for offering access free-of-charge to moms in need - they also offer a free fourteen-day trial.

Nike Training App: Over the years I've tested a variety of websites and apps for ready-to-do circuits, yoga classes, and stretching routines both for my person use when I travel and to recommend to my clients. This is the app. Available free of charge the Nike Training App offers tailored workouts relevant to your goals and fitness level.

Clue: For those of you who have an unmitigated menstrual cycle, you have already heard me talk ad nauseum about the strengths of your cycle. Clue is an excellent tool to use if you're interested in getting pregnant, not getting pregnant, or if you simply want to gain a better understanding of how your cycle impacts your mental health and your athletic performance. This awesome resource is also free.

Elite HRV: Using any Bluetooth heart rate chest strap, you can send your data to this smart app. HRV is the single simplest piece of data when I try to determine whether or not a client with whom I'm working is overtrained. Also integrates with performance tracking and training journal apps like Training Peaks.


The one app I will not use nor recommend? Strava.

Brittany Aäe