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Client interview: PR Pregnancy with Elizabeth Bauer

I am so fucking done hating myself. I’m angry that I spent so much time hating my body. Why would I be anything but so proud of what my body looks like?

I have a whopper of a client interview for you featuring mom of three, Elizabeth Bauer. Elizabeth is an articulate, evidence-hungry trail runner, skier, and climber living in Bend, Oregon. We began our coaching relationship a year before she began her third TTC journey and continued through postpartum with her third baby.

Elizabeth’s characteristic tenacity, curiosity, and humility will inspire you, no matter where you are in your athletic or reproductive lifcycle. Listen and follow her family’s adventures at and

With love,

Brittany Raven

The ‘doing’ became way more important than the outcome.

1:04 “I felt like I was made of glass”

9:00 Self-doubt

12:43 Navigating a tough first trimester

17:00 Maintaining the habit

20:00 “It is so easy to quit”

24:30 Different metrics for success

31:00 A moment of triumph

35:00 Coaching through birth

42:00 Catching her baby

45:00 Ferocious and gentle

49:00 Postpartum

54:00 Body image

59:00 Her advice for pregnant athletes

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