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sadhana: practicing the activities of awakening

dearest bodhisattvas,

since the woods near my new home were still ski territory on a Saturday a few weeks ago I ran my early-season favorite: a variation on Tiger Mountain's classic Twelve Summits. as I went, I focused on breathing deep into my belly and smoothing out spikes and lulls of energy, controlling my autonomic nervous system. it showed in my performance and recovery. 

in the process of grieving the loss of someone close to me, I've found solace in long runs accompanied by precious little thought and in prayers said daily for the departed. through my sadhanas I've arrived in a state of causeless joy--illustrated in my raw expression in the second video. 

nearing the end of the run I regarded the gaggle of hikers as compatriots in movement, each forest person practicing their activities of awakening. with that realization I watched the ego pass like a fern beside the trail; the wisest parts of me moved on.

I'd like to share the videos here and the prayer excerpt below in order to add color to my activities of awakening, making clearer in the reader's mind the connection between movement and gnosis. 


While circling through all states of existence, 
May I become an endless treasure of good qualities -
Skillful means, wisdom, samadhi and liberating stabilizations-
Gathering limitless pristine wisdom and positive potential.

On one atom I shall see 
Buddha fields numberless as atoms,
Inconceivable Buddhas among bodhisattvas in every field, 
Practicing the activities of awakening.

Perceiving this in all directions, 
I dive into an ocean of Buddha fields,
Each an ocean of three times Buddhas in the space of a wisp of hair.
So I, too, will practice for an ocean of eons.
- excerpt from King of Prayers